We are not in paradise now...
but we were!

Not that the Pacific Northwest isn't a paradise. I just think of paradise as some place warmer than here and where you don't have to pay extra to take a shower at a marina. The Sea of Cortez (Cortez de Mar) is warmer and you don't have to pay extra to take a shower.

Morning Star is an Orion 27 built by Pacific Seacraft in 1987. We have taken her to the Sea of Cortez twice. The first trip was in the winter of 93-94 and the second was from December 96 to May 98 and we left Morning Star in dry storage in San Carlos, Sanora during the summer of 97.

We now cruise in the Pacific Northwest on the Salish Sea. The Salish Sea is a lot differenet from sailing in the Sea of Cortez. The sailing season on the Salish Sea is from April to October, but most cruise in August. There are a lot more anchorages in the Salish Sea than in the Sea of Cortez, but there are also a lot more boats. We have gone as far north as Bella Bella and hopefully we will go there again, but because there is so much to cover here in the Salash Sea I will not cover the area north of the Johnstone Strait.

The image in the header is a sunset taken from the eastern side of the Sea of Cortez.