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Orion insignia

Morning Star is an Orion 27 Mark II made by Pacific Seacraft. We bought her new in July, 1987. She is not big, but she is a well built boat that can cruise anywhere. She is the boat in the header image above. There are pictures of her when she was new in the gallery.

Side view of Orion 27Her specs are as follows:

orion floor-plan plan AShe was designed by Henry Mohrschladt one of the original owners of Pacific Seacraft. Morning Star was made in Santa Ana, California and was put in the water for the first time in Newport Beach, California at the end of June of 1987.

Dick and DawnOur names are Dick, Dawn, and Nicole. We lived aboard Morning Star for six years. In that time, we made two trips from San Diego to the west coast of Mexico. On the first trip, Nicole was only three years old. On the second, she was in Grades 1 and 2. We are now in the Puget Sound area and will be here exploring the Pacific Northwest. We are not currently living aboard.

Before we left on our second cruise, a friend of ours, that was a teacher, got really upset that we were going to home-school Nicole. She could not believe that we would do that to her. Well, now that she has graduated from high school and college, I will tell you how she did and you can decide for yourself if it hurt her.

Nicole went to a high school that has International Baccalaureate ( IB www.ibo.org ) classes. If you are not familiar with IB classes, I can say they are as hard as any classes available anywhere. In her senior year she went to state with the girls cross county team. She was second flute in the All State wind ensemble and went to State Solo Ensemble. In addition to her high school diploma she also got an IB diploma (she was full IB, no regular classes in her junior and senior years). Her GPA at the end of high school was 3.93.