Single Line Reefing

ReefingWhen we ordered Morning Star, I ordered the single hander's package. All the lines were led aft to the cockpit; however, there were too many lines. The leech reefing lines were not led to the cockpit. That meant that I would still have to go forward and shorten the leech reefing lines after I had shortened the luff reefing line from the cockpit. This did not seem too convenient to me so I decided to use single line reefing. The boom already had blocks in the aft and forward section for the reefing lines to be run through the center. What I did was run the aft reefing lines through the center of the boom and out the bottom at the front. After coming out the front of the boom, the lines go to a block at the bottom of the mast and then go up to a block at the luff reef cringle on the sail.Reefing The block is attached to the reef cringle by wrapping webbing to the block and running it through the reef cringe to a ring on the other side of the sail. The line then goes back to a block at the bottom of the mast and off to the cockpit. The first image shows the block attached to the reef cringle and the second image shows how the lines run from the boom to the reef cringle.

To reef the sail, you release the halyard and pull the luff of the sail down with the reef line. When the sail gets down to about where it is in bottom image, you cleat off the halyard and then pull in the reefing line to shorten the leech reefing point. When the leech reef is set, you cleat the reefing line and then tighten the halyard. You still have to go up to tie the reef points, but you can do it when it is convenient.