South Bight of Honeymoon Cove, Isla Danzante

Honeymoon Cove rock

View from the hill of south bight Honeymoon Cove.

I made this image big enough so you could download it and use it to remember where the rock is. I gave this image to Gerry Cunningham to put in his guide books but I don't know what other books show the rock. It was not in any books when I found the rock. When I anchored here I came in close to shore to see how deep the water was and went right next to the rock without seeing it. There is enough ripples in the water that you can not see it. It was only when I went up on the hill to take this picture that I could see it. The water around the rock is about 12 feet deep and the rock is about a foot under the surface of the water.

Honeymoon Cove is behind the cactus to the right. It is a popular place and there is only room for one boat. It was only empty one time when we were there so we could anchor in it. That night the wind was blowing above 25 knots and there was a five foot swell coming through the channel right to left. You need to anchor bow and stern and I have seen some boats use lines run to the rocks on the sides of the cove. The wind comes from the head of the cove but it can shift. When it shifts it tries to blow you into the rocks on the side of the cove. There were some kayakers on the beach at the head of the cove the night we were there and the wind would blew hard enough to collapse there tents.

This picture was taken in June. In the winter it is not this calm. There is normally a swell that moves through the channel right to left. The entrance to Puerto Escondido is on the far shore right above the "o" in the word rock in the image.