Isla San Francisco

Isla San Francisco anchorage looking west

Looking west to Baja

The view from the hills on this island is great. You can see Baja to the West and the Sea of Cortez to the East. The view of Baja is like looking at half of the Grand Canyon in gray and white. You are only about 40 miles from La Paz but you feel like you are in another world.

Isla San Francisco anchorage

The anchorage from the
ridge on the south end.

There are trails that you can hike on that go to different parts of the island. If you go on the trail that goes to the top of the hills on the south side of the island, keep an eye out for seagulls. They seem to think they own that part of the island. The view is great so it is worth the trip.

Chart of Isla San Francisco

We have anchored in the cove that is shown at the bottom of the chart. The cove is open to the west so when the wind comes from the south, you can get a swell if you are anchored on the north end of the anchorage. If you anchor behind the hook at the south end of the island, you will be able to sleep better.

This chart was drawn from other hand-drawn charts and should only be used as a reference. North is at the top of the chart.