San Juanico

San Juanico in the morning

Veiw from the north anchorage.

This is a popular place all year. There are seven beaches to keep you busy. Some are rocky and not as nice as the others, but they are all interesting in their own way. It is easy to spend two to four weeks here. You can go hiking and the diving in the area is good. At Christmas, you will find campers on the beach from the U.S.A. and at Easter, you will find campers from Mexico. You will find kayakers and even a small cruise ship at times.

San Juanico at sunrise

Sunrise from the
north anchorage

north anchorage San Juanico

The north anchorage

Punta Pulpito from San Juanico

Looking north to Punta Pulpito

When the wind is from the north, the best place to anchor is at the anchor to the left of the word Ensenada in the chart below. When the wind is from the south, you may want to move around to La Ramada. From there, it is a short walk over the hill to San Juanico. The view from La Ramada is great; consequently, you may not want to hike over the hill to see San Juanico.

Chart of San Juanico

This chart was drawn from other hand-drawn charts and should only be used as a reference. North is at the top of the chart. If you are not familiar with Spanish, ensenada is between a bay and a cove in size.