Cruising Resources in the
Sea of Cortez and Salish Sea

The web sites below have information that you may find useful.

In Mexico

Club Cruceros de La Paz a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the less fortunate children of La Paz and exchanging cruising information. The club's membership is made up of cruisers.

Sonrisa net For information on the weather in the Sea of Cortez.

Sea of Cortez Marinas with web sites are listed on there own page.

If you want to ship your boat back from Mexico.

The only way that I know of to get your boat back, other than sailing it back, is to ship it by truck from Marina Seca in San Carlos. If you want to ship your boat back you should check to see if there are any other ways to get your boat back. Things may have changed.

In the Salish Sea.

Washington State Parks

British Columbia Parks

San Juan & Oracas Island Transit

Orion Web Sites

The only other Orion owner with a web site that I know of is John Peltier. In 2012 he started a trip from North Carolina to California going around South America. His web site is mostly about his photography, but he has included stuff about his boat and his trip. He also has an ebook about his trip.

Other sites that may be of interest.

Nicole's web site.

Earth Wind Map Shows directions of the wind around the world. You can zoom in and if you click an area it will give you the lat long and wind speed. If you are going anywhere you should study this site to know where the wind is. This will show you the best place to cross the equator. gives good weather info and wind conditions. This can be used instead of Earth Wind Map to plan routes. You can see the wind on the route you are thinking about taking. Panama Canal. Information on the canal, including regulations, fees and forms.

E-mail on your SSB

Monitor Windvane

Navigator Stove Works This company makes traditional cast iron marine stoves. I don't currently own one, but I am looking into getting one. I have heard only good things about them.