Pennrose Point

Mt. Rainier

This is a view of Mt. Rainier from Pennrose Point.

Pennrose Point State Park is on the west shore of Carr Inlet at Mayo Cove in South Sound and it has one of my favorite views of Mt. Rainier. The spot where the above picture was taken can be really quiet and peaceful. Mt. Rainier is about 100 miles away.

Pennrose PointPennrose Point runs north and south. There are mooring buoys on the east and west side and there is room to anchor on both sides. Mayo Cove is on the west side and at the head of the bay the park has a dock to the left but the water is shallow. On the right is Lakebay marina and the water is deeper. Most go to the west side where the action is. There is also a campground in the park that has showers.

The trees on the left in the image to the right is the tip of Pennrose Point.