Port Townsend

Poulsbo, WA

Port Townsend water front from the anchorage.

Port Townsend is a place we like to go to. Port Townsend has two marinas, but I like to anchor off Union Wharf in the spot the above picture was taken. It can be a little rolly at times. Our favorite place to eat is Waterfront pizza. It is just a block to the left of Union Wharf. Union Wharf is the public dock on the left of the old ferry dock and the one on the right of the old ferry dock is the City Dock. The old ferry dock is being removed and will be gone at some point. There is a public restroom in the red brick building on the street in front of City Dock.

Port Townsend has a downtown and an uptown. The downtown is the area in the picture above. Uptown is three blocks back from the top of the cliff. If you want to walk there you can go up the stairs that are straight back from Union Wharf and at the top go a block left to the bell tower. Then turn right and go three more blocks. Up town is to the right and to the left on that street. You can also catch a shuttle bus from downtown that will take you to uptown. The bus cost $1.50 and they will give you a pass that is good for all day. The shuttle also goes to the transfer station that just happens to be right next to the Safeway store. There is also a bus to Fort Worden.

Old Fort Townsend Park is to the west end of Port Townsend Bay. There are mooring buoys here. In the picture above if you look at the left side of the image. On the distant shore behind the ferry is where Old Fort Townsend is.

Point Wilson Lighthouse

Point Wilson Lighthouse.

In the picture of the water front above, on the right side of the image, if you go left along the shore you will come to Fort Worden. Fort Worden is a state park that was once used as a military base to defend Admiralty Inlet. There were artillery guns here in the past pointed out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The bunkers are still there. There are mooring buoys here and a dock. The dock has a wall built around it and you can enter from the starboard side. The Point Wilson Lighthouse is also out here.

Beach at Fort Worden

Beach at Fort Worden.

In the picture on the left, the lighthouse is on the sand spit that extends out from the middle left of the picture. It is next to the radar tower that you can barely see. The dock is in what looks like the pier with the brown building on it. You enter on the starboard side shown in the picture below. The mooring buoys are between the pier and lighthouse.

Dock at Fort Worden

Dock at Fort Worden.

I have not spent the night here on our boat, but I have camped here in the campground. The campground is on the right side of the picture to the right. It is above the beach and in front of the cliff. It extends out to the right of the picture. At night it can be very windy and cold here.

To the south is Fort Flagler State Park. This fort is also part of the network of forts to defend Admiralty Inlet. There is a dock and campground here. The bunkers are still there.

If you are interested in visiting other parks that were a part of the defence of Admiralty Inlet, you can find one in the Strait of Juan de Fuca at Crescent Bay. It was called Fort Hayden and is now part of the Salt Creek Recreation area. Fort Hayden once had two 16 inch guns. They were on the top of the hill on the east side of the bay.