Saddlebag Island

Saddlebag Island, WA

The north side of Saddlebag Island.

Saddlebag Island is not very big. From the beach on this side to the beach on the other side is maybe a 100 yards. The other side looks a lot like this side. There are trails to get around the island but it does not take long. There is a composting toilet in the center of the island and 5 campsites. Three on this side and two on the other. One of the three on this side is located right on the beach above the g in Saddlebag. The next one is located behind the tree above the d in Island. It has a stairway down to the beach. The other one is to the right side of the second one. The campsites on the other side are out at the ends of the beach but up on the hills.

Blue herons like to spend the night here. They start arriving as it starts to get dark. Some of them will fish here in the morning, but during the day they will go somewhere else to fish.

Beach on south side of Saddlebag Island

Beach on south side of Saddlebag Island.

The two camp sites on the south side are located in the trees at each side of the beach.

View from south of Saddlebag Island

View from southwest of Saddlebag Island.

Saddlebag Island is the island on the left. The small island on the right has shallow water on this side, so be careful when approaching from the south.

Looking south from Saddlebag Island

View looking southwest from Saddlebag Island.

This is the view of Anacortes from Saddlebag Island. Anacortes is to the right side of the hill in the image behind the ship. The oil refinery is to the left where you see the smoke rising.