The Salish Sea

Salish Sea Circle in Port Townsend

The Salish Sea Circle at Port Townsend, WA

The name Salish Sea is new. It was recognized by the United States in 2009 and by Canada in 2010. The Salish Sea includes the Strait of Juan de Fuca (the channel of water that goes left to right connecting to the water at the bottom left side of the image below), the Strait of Georgia (above the Strait of Juan de Fuca going diagonal from right middle to top left corner), and Puget Sound (below Strait of Juan de Fuca on right side of image). The thin black line that runs from the middle right side of the image and then down through the islands and out the Strait of Juan de Fuca is the border between Washington State and Canada.

Salish Sea

This image of the Salish Sea is a cropped image taken by NASA
and comes form the web site.

We have been in this area since 1998. It is not at all like Mexico. Our summers are pleasantly cool and our winters are moderately cold, wet and windy. I personally think the best time to cruise here is in the springtime. The reason I think that is because there is wind for sailing; however, the most popular time to cruise is in August. The main reason for that is that it is the month with the least amount of rain. The downside to August is that there is not much wind. The sun does not really come out until the 5th of July, so it kind of depends on what kind of weather you like to cruise in as to what time of year you will like. September can also be a good month. It starts getting cool, but is still sunny. September is the month I do the varnish.

We have marine parks which is something that most other areas don't have. Some of which can only be accessed by water and a few of the parks include the whole island. Without marine parks the shoreline around urban areas would be all houses and all private land with no public access.