Downtown Seattle

This image was taken from West Seattle. It shows what Seattle looks like from the water.

Downtown Seattle

The fire boat puts on a show off the waterfront.

If you have an interest in visiting Seattle by boat there is a marina just for you. Bell Harbor Marina is right behind the Navy ship in the picture above. The entrance to the marina is just to the right of the ship. These images were taken at the end of July after the sun came out. Don't think because the sun is out in these images that it is like that all year.

Bell Harbor Marina Downtown Seattle

There is a tall thing that looks like a pipe that marks the entrance. Enter to starboard of the pipe. The image to the left was taken from the inside looking out. There is a dock that is used by ships just outside of where the boats in the marina are. The Navy ship in the top picture is there. There could be a cruise ship there at times too.