Stuart Island

Stuart Island was named by Charles Wilkes during the Wilkes Expedition of 1838-1842. It was named after Frederick D. Stuart, the captain's clerk of the expedition. Stuart Island is 2.881 sq mi and has a small marine park that connects the two harbors (Reid and Prevost). The marine park also divides the island into two communities. The rest of the island is private. There is a public road that runs from the boat ramp at the head of Reid Harbor to Turn Point. A lot of people make the walk to the light station at Turn Point. There are two airports, one in each of the two communities.

Prevost Harbor on Stuart Island, WA

Prevost Harbor from the anchorage looking toward Turn Point.

The only way to get to Stuart island is by small plane or by water. There are some cars on the island that residents use to get around on the island. Sometimes you will see the cars at the Reid Harbor boat ramp parking lot. If you make the walk to Turn Point you will go by the school and the northern airport. You can stop at the school to rest after going up the hill from Reid Harbor. There is a small building there that has the history of the island and the kids make things to sell to make money to support their projects. There is also a wood box there that has Tshirts for sale.

Prevost Harbor Public Dock, WA

Prevost Harbor looking from the head of the Public Dock.

Prevost Harbor is named for James Charles Prevost captain of the HMS Satellite. The island behind the boats in the picture above is Satellite Island. Named after Captain Prevost ship. The YMCA uses Satellite Island as a base-camp for there camp Orkila.

Reid Harbor from the boat ram at the head of Reid Harbor.

Reid Harbor from the boat ramp at the head of Reid Harbor.

This is the view of Reid Harbor from the boat ramp at the head of the harbor. Reid Harbor is a large rectangular shaped harbor. There are mooring buoys at the head of the harbor and a public dock on the left side of the picture with two additional docks not connected to shore. At the public dock there is a short path that connects to the public dock at Prevost Harbor. There is also a barge for manual pumpouts. There are toilets and campsites on shore in the marine park.

Turn Point on north side of Stuart Island.

Turn Point from the water.

The current light with radar reflector is the tower on the right at the end of the point. The building on the far left at the edge of the trees is the house where the light keeper lived.

The current Turn Point Light

This is what the light looked like in 2013.

The light is not like most lighthouses in that it started as a pole with two lens lanterns attached. In 1936 the light was updated to a small concrete tower with an electric light. The picture to the right is what it looked like in the summer of 2013. As you can see the house is not really part of the structure that the light was built on. However, it is a nice walk out to Turn Point and the view of Canada is great.